A Little White Book for Life

[Extract from ‘A Little White Book for Life’, to be published 2018]

This book deals with ten fundamental states of experience and their relationship with each, illustrated by the Tarot. It provides a LWB [Little White Book] for life.

It aims to be a dense but concise guide to the archetypal patterns of tarot in everyday experience at all levels.

Each state exists in itself; as a pair and as a triad with other states. A map is provided at the conclusion of this book.

If we consider RESTING, FEELING and SELF [3 of the States], we might appreciate that moving between resting and feeling is a cyclic process.

We experience that transition as a revolution between no-feeling and feeling a specific emotion. Feelings arise and they fall. [WHEEL]. However, with FEELING TO SELF, it is more immediate and direct; to not feel the self is to be dead to the self [DEATH]. However, the feeling of Self is Life. The RESTING TO SELF [or SELF RESTING] is neither death nor revolution; it is merely being oneself [HERMIT].

This is the triangle called PILGRIMAGE.

Moving to Dreaming

The world is a manifestation of vision. All that is present now was once only imagined by a person. As we move from dream to dream, we create. We create memory [See Attention to the Past] and we create what will be [See Attention to the Future]. The machine of the future builds bricks out of clouds and mist. It builds a smoke house.

The furnace of Jerusalem is the forge in which we burn, turning our water and clay into stone. Those stones we fashion into towers; towers of language, towers that have no end in the heavens. We aspire to everything and anything that moves us beyond the present.

We must take out the nails which attach us (and by which we cling) to that which appears to be the case. We must rip ourselves from the cross as we move to dream, sacrificing all that might have been.


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